Take vector screenshots

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Snippet of a vector screenshotSnippet of a raster screenshot
Vector screenshot vs traditional screenshot (96 DPI)

Vectorshot takes screenshots as SVG files. You can scale these as much as you want, unlike traditional pixel-based screenshots. Text and graphics will always stay crisp.

Match your workflow

Vector screenshot being edited

SVG screenshots are great for use with other tools. You can combine Vectorshot with other software to create your perfect workflow: Quickly try out changes to your UI in Illustrator, or import your sharp screenshots into a promotional video. You have all of the flexibility of SVG.


Can Vectorshot take screenshots of everything?

No. Vectorshot can take screenshots of anything that you can view in a browser, like websites and web apps. It can’t take screenshots of native desktop or mobile applications.

What happens if a page contains photos?

All raster content (like photos) will be included in the SVG file created by Vectorshot. Like in any SVG file, raster content will not scale crisply when the SVG is enlarged.

How are icons treated?

If there are any vector elements in your screenshot area (for example icons), Vectorshot will make sure that they stay vectors in the final screenshot.

Price: $19

Pay once and use forever. There’s no subscription and no cost for updates. Vectorshot is software that you own.

Each copy of Vectorshot is registered to a physical person. You can keep your license even if your company bought it for you.

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